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Mission Statement

The mission​ of The Gray Rainbow Foundation is to offer social and quality of life enhancement programs to gay and bi-sexual men, as well as men questioning their sexuality, who are over the age of 50.

The Gray Rainbow Foundation Origin

The Gray Rainbow Foundation came about as a result of speaking with gay men over 50 for the documentary film project, Inside The Gray Rainbow.  While filming the project in anticipation of turning 50 himself, Executive Director of The Gray Rainbow Foundation, Michael Coleman, found common themes in the struggles of the men he was speaking with.  Some of the stories with respect to issues surrounding loneliness, body image, legacy, as well as the struggles of men in their fifties coming out and coming to terms with their sexuality were really moving. 


The Gray Rainbow Foundation Leadership​

Michael "The Metropolitan Cowboy" Coleman

Executive Director

The Gray Rainbow Foundation was founded, and is run by executive director, Michael Coleman aka, The Metropolitan Cowboy.  Michael brings a wealth of creativity to the table as he fulfills the mission of the foundation and applies his background in healthcare, law and show business in furtherance of that mission.